The National Practitioner 
Support Service (NPSS)

NPSS supports local authorities and their partners to deliver early intervention and prevention focused housing options services.

About Us

In April 2013, the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS) was established to support local authorities to meet the 10 Local Challenges set out in the ‘Making every contact count’ report, which had been published the previous year by the Ministerial Working Group on Homelessness.

The credibility of the National Practitioner Support Service comes from the experience of the team; all of whom are practitioners on secondment from local authorities across the country and who remain embedded in local services.


Feedback from the NPSS National Conferences to date has been hugely positive with 99% of delegates rating the conference as ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent.’


NPSS works to support the implementation and enhancement of prevention focused services through the development and delivery of a bespoke package of support.

Housing Jigsaw

An innovative partnership between the NPSS and Housing Partners will deliver a comprehensive IT solution to support local authorities deliver their new obligations.

The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard programme is a peer review programme designed to support local authorities deliver more efficient homelessness prevention services.


NPSS has developed a series of service development tools to provide local authorities with a strategic framework on which to develop delivery plans.


Housing Jigsaw

Housing Jigsaw is the umbrella term for a series of intuitive, interactive and user-friendly modules designed to support local authorities manage their front line services. Housing Jigsaw is not simply an IT product, it is a housing options solution based on an IT platform. Housing Jigsaw combines practical support and advice with easy-to-use software, which allows councils to meet their new legal obligations. Delivered in partnership between Housing Partners and the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS), Housing Jigsaw is the only suite of solutions designed for practitioners by practitioners.
The Prevention, Relief, Accommodation and Homelessness (PRAH) module:
  • Designed and built exclusively around the NPSS Flowchart
  • A unique solution to manage cases, monitor outcomes and deliver solutions against the Homelessness Reduction Act
  • Combines the latest IT software with practitioner housing experience
  • Contains key legislation and guidance incorporated into the solution
The Enhanced Housing Register (EHR) module:
  • Based with the same intuitive principles as Housing Jigsaw
  • Online, customer focused application with officer and manager dashboards
  • Automatic banding/pointing of applications
  • Supports a significant reduction in administration for the local authority
The Advert To Let Allocations System (ATLAS) module:
  • Advertising and lettings (replacing current outdated CBL modules)
  • Allocation and lettings (including direct lets, allocating to PRS, TA, management transfers and supported housing)
  • Supported housing gateway management (managed allocations and lettings within a supported housing priority system)


Communications and referrals portal ALERT:
  • The number ONE online tool designed specifically to meet the s213b Duty to Refer requirement
  • FREE to install and use
  • Securely and efficiently sends referrals and notifications between local authorities and wider partner agencies
  • Used by more agencies and local authorities than any other system available
Communications and referrals portal ALERT+:
  • Optional add-on to take your referrals and notifications service to the next level
  • Gives you much greater tailoring options and control over the whole process to help you meet your statutory needs
  • Create letter templates to suit your own needs with the ability to add notes on emails to give a fit that’s better aligned to your needs
Satisfaction Tracking And Review (STAR) module:
  • Enables Housing Jigsaw users to survey their customers in order to better understand their views on the quality of service delivered
  • Also benchmark performance (by agreement) with other providers of the same service
  • An easy-to-follow five point rating system on the dashboard which gives a clear snapshot of your overall service performance


Watch an introduction from Lord Bird below and read more about Housing Jigsaw at

NPSS and CIH Joint Briefing Paper

The National Practitioner Support Service is pleased to share with you a joint briefing aimed at supporting local authorities to develop homelessness prevention solutions. This briefing was developed in partnership with colleagues from the Chartered Institute of Housing.