The National Practitioner 
Support Service (NPSS)

Farewell from NPSS

Dear friends and colleagues


It is with a heavy heart that I need to let you all know NPSS will be closing its doors for the last time at the end of this month. 


I wanted to say a heartful thank you to all our friends and colleagues who have helped to make the service what it became over the last eight years. As team members, we have some great memories that we will treasure including five annual national homelessness and allocations conferences, training over 5,000 staff on a range of topics, undertaking peer reviews in over 100 local authorities, seeing more train stations and council offices than any other team in the country, producing joint briefings with a range of partners including CIH &MHCLG, providing advice and assistance to authorities, partners, the housing minister and select committees, being instrumental in the co-creation of an i.t solution for front line services and simply engaging, advising and supporting local authority staff with early intervention and prevention services.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the team past and present @Phil Turner, @Lindsay Megson, @Anne Doyle, @ Ieuan Ap Rees, @Cathy Dodson, @Naomi Morris, @Steve Tong, @ Claire Dyke, @Rachel Lloyd, @Chris Hancock, @Sean Bleasdale, @Lyndsey Hendren, @Wendy Megson, @Angie Rawlins, @Jenni Rock, @Kirsty Hendren, @Tommy Collins and @Dawn Hazell who worked tirelessly to deliver services to local authorities over the last eight years. 


From administering the gold standard programme, to running our national conference, delivering training to hosting sounding boards, writing good practice guides, sharing template letters and checklists, producing flowcharts and covering thousands of miles and working hundreds of hours sometimes late into the night to make NPSS the service it is; the go to for local authority housing services whether for advice, training or support. 


We have never been a large team but over the years those who joined us brought with them unique skills, a wealth of experience and passion for their profession which together, made the small but select NPSS team a huge success.


This leads me to the forward thinking, strategic motivational leaders who allowed their staff to second into NPSS or work within NPSS, who allowed NPSS to grow under their watch and supported the work of the team for so many years; thank you isn’t enough but without your support we could never have been the success we were, so a shout out to you all @Roger Wilshaw, @John Bentham, @Richard Botham, @Nigel Preston, @Jai Vick, @Jo Brooks, @Alex Delap, @Kath Wallace, @Rachel Ormerod and @Paul Kelly


NPSS closes its doors for the last time this month, but its staff are still very much instrumental in the world of housing either working in or with local authorities, so please do keep in touch through our LinkedIn accounts. 


That just leaves me to say that NPSS, as a company, has to close, but will not be forgotten by staff and councils alike and together we will continue to prevent homelessness, share good practice and support each other and our wider housing colleagues in these unprecedented times. 


Best wishes,

Tracy Hendren

Managing Director

The National Practitioner Support Service