Training & Support

All local authorities in England have an allocated practitioner who can be contacted by email or phone.

NPSS supports lead officers within local authorities to identify key challenges in service delivery and develop a bespoke package of support to enhance service provision.

Our training courses are designed to support housing professionals and their partners working at both strategic and operational levels and include a wide range of subjects including domestic abuse awareness, developing a fit for purpose homelessness strategy, interview skills and the requirements under the Homelessness Reduction Act.

Courses are available both as roadshows and in-house sessions and are delivered by expert trainers in a friendly and stimulating environment. Delegates benefit from a high level of interaction with peers and trainers and from course content informed by NPSS’ work supporting all 326 local authorities in England.

Training Course Details

Duty to Refer partnership event - FREE

We want to help public bodies with the referral process to meet the Duty to Refer requirement. This session will enable referrals to be made directly to the Housing Options Service within any local authority in England

Implementing the homelessness reduction act

A popular course which guides delegates through the requirements of the Homelessness Reduction Act using the NPSS Homelessness Reduction Act flowchart which has been legally checked by Liz Davies.

Developing a prevention focused homelessness strategy

This course begins with a look at the duties, powers and statutory guidance concerning local homelessness strategies and covers collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitive data, reviewing levels of homelessness, undertaking effective consultation, strategic commissioning and developing a SMART action plan.

Domestic abuse awareness

This course was developed to support HM Government’s Ending Violence against Women and Girls strategy 2016-2020. This course covers the nature of abuse, national policy, legislation and guidance, the court system and legal remedies, case law, prevention options and good practice examples.

Delivering the HRA through motivational interviews

This course will support officers to understand the theory behind motivational interviews, why they are so important when getting agreement from customers on the personalised housing plan actions and exploring the practical techniques required to deliver a motivational interview.

The Tenancy Fee Act 2019

This course will provide delegates with an overview of the Act and how this links to the Homelessness Reduction Act and other legislation.