Delivering the HRA through motivational interviews

Motivational Interviewing is a directive, customer centred intervention style for eliciting behaviour change by helping customers to explore and resolve ambivalence. Local housing authorities now need to undertake interviews within a motivational approach whilst also ensuring certain investigative techniques are used. This course will support officers to understand the theory behind motivational interviews, why they are so important when getting agreement from customers on the personalised housing plan actions and exploring the practical techniques required to deliver a motivational interview.

Why attend?

To innovate your team to embrace the changes required to ensure the customer is motivated to deliver the actions within the personalised housing plan. The course will explore the theory behind motivational interviews, how they can work within a homelessness application assessment and striking the balance between investigating the facts of the case and ensuring the customer 'buys in' to the actions.

Who should attend?
  • Front line staff
  • Team leaders
  • Service Managers

Courses can be arranged in two ways:

1. Courses are available in house for a minimum of 10 internal delegates, but the room must accommodate 20 delegates (NPSS will be responsible for arranging the additional 10 delegates). The Courses are charged at just £76 ex. VAT per delegate.

2. A course can be arranged in house at a total cost of £850 + trainer expenses, with the authority or organisation confirming how many delegates they would like to attend , with a minimum 5 and a maximum of 20 delegates on each course.

How to book

To book a place on an existing course, please click HERE. To enquire about booking an in-house course please email