Housing Jigsaw webinar - FREE

We are delighted to say we are hosting our first on-line webinar to enable us to share with our current customers and future customers what we have developed to date and how PRAH the prevention, relief, accommodation and homelessness module will support local authorities to deliver against the Homelessness Reduction Act.

Why attend?

We will be sharing with you the key features and elements of Housing Jigsaw through this webinar including the latest enhancements and functionality now available in Housing Jigsaw PRAH. The webinar will also clearly demonstrate how Housing Jigsaw PRAH can be used by all local authorities to deliver an effective customer focused Homelessness Reduction Act solution. Housing Jigsaw PRAH the only solution built by practitioners for practitioners that is ready to use and fully compliant NOW.

Dates and locations

To book a place on an existing course, please click HERE. To enquire about booking an in-house course please email support@npsservice.org.uk.


This is a free webinar for all local authorities and will be repeated every month.